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PestTech offer a full solution to all your pest control problems and services, we are based in Bolton, Lancashire and provide our pest services throughout the North West.

For common problems please take a look at the list below, if we don't list the type of pest problem you need a solution for, please contact us Here. We are highly trained and experienced to remove and control anything relating to your pest problems.


In spite of their small size, ants can cause a significant amount of damage to your home and food storage. Ants tunnel through wooden structures and create a path of destruction on their way, they love food and have thousands of hungry accomplices to feed within their colony.

Ants are the most common pests we encounter, our services are very effective, and our methods are successful to ensure the proper treatments are carried out

Please contact us Here with your Ant problems in Lancashire

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug infestations are becoming very common, if left untreated they can cause a huge personal distraction to people lives. In a public environment like hotels and bed and breakfasts, bed bugs need to be dealt with efficiently and very quickly to satisfy staff and keep customer confidence at its peak.

Although humans are the preferred host, bed bugs feed on many warm–blooded animals. Bed bugs usually hide in cracks or mattresses during the day and emerge at night to feed.

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Beesback to top

Bee and hive removal is a dangerous task, so we highly recommend you do not agitate or disturb the affected area. PestTech are experts in dealing with these problems, and we do this on a daily basis. We can safely remove your bee problems with a controlled and professional manner.

Bees are divided into two groups “solitary and Social bees” – The solitary bee consists of males and females. After pairing, the females create tunnels or bore holes to lay their eggs, after this has been completed the bee’s task is now complete and she abandons her offspring to emerge and fend for themselves.

Do you have bee problems in Lancashire – Contact us Here “Stay away from bees”


Cockroaches are a major health hazard to both commercial and domestic owners. They can carry a number of different diseases such as salmonella and dysentery. Cockroaches are amongst the most noxious pests, they have lived alongside of humans for hundreds of years. and are regarded as a serious public health pest.

The female Cockroach lays her egg case near to a food source and lays approximately 30 – 40 eggs which hatch within 1 – 2 days. As cockroaches will feed on any food source including filth it is vital that premises be kept spotlessly clean and that food availability be kept to a minimum.

A cockroach infestation is very challenging to effectively eliminate and will possibly require at least two visits to fully treat an infestation.

If you have problems relating to Cockroaches, please contact us Here, we are based in Bolton, Lancashire


Fleas live on warm blooded animals and feed solely on blood using piercing and sucking techniques to extract the blood from its food source. The female lays four to eight eggs after each blood feed and can lay up to 1,000 eggs in her lifetime.

The cat flea is the primary parasite that infests cats and dogs, their bodies are covered in rear facing spines enabling them to move between the fur of their host. Fleas work on vibration from footsteps, with its powerful back legs it jumps from floor to host. It lives on animals, and in cracks crevices throughout the home.

It is common for empty properties to erupt with masses of fleas upon entry for the first time, this is because fleas can lay dormant for up to 1 year without feeding and awake when people move in.

Should you need PestTech for your Flea problems in Bolton or anywhere in Lancashire, you can contact us Here

Miceback to top

It is important to get rid of mice quickly, before they damage pipe cables, insulation or contaminate food. Mice live in nests, which are often built inside houses, Nests are built wherever there is access to a good source of food. Spaces under floors and lofts are a favoured places for building nests, which are built out of cloth, wool and paper that has been collected around the home.

Mice are mainly active at night and can be heard running about as they search for their next meal. Mice can squeeze through cracks as small as 5mm.

The most common mouse found in buildings is the house mouse, their favourite foods are cereal products, although they will eat almost anything. Most of the damage they do is by gnawing and ripping open packets. They also foul food with urine and droppings. Mice will gnaw their way through wood to get to sources of food.

Have problems with Mice? Please contact us Here, we are based in Bolton, Lancashire


The major rule to solve pigeon problems is “Do not feed them”. Pigeons have become habituated to humans, by being fed by humans, this has only escalated the problem. As a domesticated bird, pigeons are easily tamed and handled, this problem now gets passed along as more people decide to feed them and find it hard to get rid of their new flying pests.

Pigeon removal can be a difficult task, but not impossible. PestTech can safely remove your pigeon problems and help prevent future roosting problems.

Having problems with Pigeons and Roosting anywhere in Lancashire? Contact us Here


Rats are dangerous, and carry diseases that can kill humans. Leptospirosis (Weil's Disease) is an infection of worldwide distribution caused by spirochaetes of the genus Leptospira, which infect many species of both wild and domestic animals. Disease is acquired through contact with contaminated water or soil, or through contact with urine or tissues of infected animals.

Rats are extremely high risk pests because of the massive danger and threats they present to public health. A survey will need to be carried out to discover the level of infestation and establish the best treatment for removal.

If you have rat problems, this is a serious health risk and danger – contact us Here, we are based in Bolton Lancashire

Spidersback to top

Although the majority of spiders cannot harm anyone, they can still bite and cause an unpleasant mess with webs, and cause fear phobias with many people. PestTech can end your spider problems without any disruption and make your home or workplace a more pleasant place to be.

There are over 600 species of spiders within the UK, but the house spider is the most common and usually the most hated of the British spiders. They are often encountered trapped in the bath and shower units, it is fairly large and hairy, has long legs and varies in colour from pale to dark brown

When spider elimination is needed, PestTech are available to destroy all webs, nests and eggs andywhere in Lancashire. Contact us Here with your spider problems.


Squirrels can be a huge and costly nuisance if they enter your attic space, they are usually destructive, and cause a high risk fire safety issue by chewing electrical cables, Squirrels often become a problem by keeping occupants awake at night by scratching and scampering around.

The traps we use at PestTech allow us to remove the live unharmed squirrel and release them in a much more suitable place away from your home.

If you have squirrel problems anywhere in Lancashire, please contact us Here


Wasps have the ability to form a nest anywhere and once established they can increase in large numbers at a rapid pace. The common places for a wasps nest to form are in the eaves of your roof or in your loft space. Wasps are more common during the late summer months, but can cause a great annoyance during any month of the year.

Our wasp pest control services are safe for pets and humans and extremely effective at destroying wasps for good. We can eliminate and destroy your wasp problem in one visit, including their eggs and their larvae and we will then usually remove the nest and dispose of it for you.

No matter how large your wasp problem may be, PestTech are here to quickly take care of it and destroy it for you. Like bees, wasps are dangerous and we suggest you call us and stay away yourself! – We are based in Bolton, Lancashire and we are available to eliminate your wasp problems anywhere in the North West – Please contact us Here with your requests.

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    Frank Connor and John Denton took care of the ant problem on our new home perfectly, we had lots of ants and thought the problem would never go away until a friend recommended PestTech to us. We received a fantastic professional and courteous service, very quick and reasonably priced to take all our problems away, I recommend PestTech as the only pest company to use.

    Sheila and Brian – Holcombe

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    PestTech have been servicing my rentals for years, I would highly recommend their services to everyone. A very reliable and trustworthy company, always prompt, punctual and demonstrate an amazing pride with their work. Thanks to PestTech my rental properties, which are all located close to nature reserves and woodlands, always stay bug free year round.

    P Stanford – Edgworth

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